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QUESTION: I am so hoping that you can help me out , i have been to every appliance store and have spent countless hours on computer.We are replacing a Jen-Air downdraft slide-in range. I would like to use a different slide-in make maybe Electrolux or Ge . No other company make a slide in with a downdraft , which is what I have( island installation) so how would i put in a downdraft ventilation that would be right behind my new stove. The downvent is right under my JenAir Thanks Graig I really don't know what to do Brenda

ANSWER: Brenda,

Don't fret, there are options.

Depending on your island construction and size, you may be able to use a separate downdraft unit.  Broan makes several downdraft venting products that can be used in conjunction with a slide in range.  This most likely will require island and top modification, so be aware.

If it is possible to email me dimensions and a picture of the island I may have some additional insight to offer.

Once I have some additional information I will try and provide more specifics as to potential model number and such.  

Thanks for using all experts.

Craig Berberich

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QUESTION: Hi Graig sorry it took so long to get back to you,had trouble with camera.  This is not a free standing island ,but attached to other counters. The dimensions are 61"W 24" D , with a overlap of counter with no cabinet under it and the draft opening is under the stove unit, the fan is centrally located on the floor


Downdraft 2
Downdraft 2  

Looks like you have a great opportunity to change out your unit from the pictures your provided.

I would suggest tracking down a company or individual with experience installing downdraft units and slide in ranges, as this is not a typical do it yourself project.  I do not know your skill level, so if this is up your alley go for it.

I will try and attach picture, but not certain if I am able.  If pictures do not come through, google either "Broan RMDD3004" or "Broan 273003" and you will see what I am suggesting.  Find a local Broan dealer to see in person.

This option will require some minor top modification, but a qualified individual can do this with no one being able to notice the modifications.  With this pop up hood behind unit, you can purchase either of the slide in ranges you mentioned.  The pop up downdraft is installed directly behind the range and with a press of a button raises into position and turns on.  It is flush in the countertop when not in use.  The ducting can be manipulated to use your existing ductwork, again, with only minor modifications.

I'm located in Florida and these units retail between $360-$620, depending on appliances shop and any specials or factory incentives you can find in your area.

Hope this helps and I'd love to see some pictures of the project during and after installation.

Thank you for using All Experts.


Craig Berberich  

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