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Hi. I am looking to use 24 in depth sink bases and drawer base in my bathroom.  The vanity is 6 ft in length and the right end of it is on a 33 in wall, while the left wall is 33 1/2". I would have 3 feet 3 inches of space to walk past to get to toilet and tub. Is it acceptable to use this depth of cabinets?

Hi Shawn - I am very sorry for the delay in getting your question addressed - I just received notification from ALL EXPERTS that your question was pending.

As to your question - the 3'-3" space is plenty of walk space.  The normal hallway in a house is just 36" - so don't worry about that space at all.  As far as the vanity depth of 24", I also think that is great.  The only drawback you may experience is getting the vanity top made.  Standard vanity top depth is about 22", and they are made for a 21" deep cabinet.  At 24" deep - you will not be able to buy an "off the shelf" vanity top.  Then again, maybe you had no intentions of doing that anyway.

In both cases - depth of vanity, and width of walkway - your situation would be envied by many.
Good luck with your project, and again, my apoligies for just now getting this question.


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