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I have just had granite counter tops put in my kitchen.  The name of the granite is Saturina.  It is very beautiful with color and crystals all throughout the material.  When it was delivered it had many rough edges so I called them back to fix those and for the most part they did.  Along with putting a coating on an overhang as the fiberglass mesh was unfinished and catching on clothing and getting stuck in your hand if you touched it.  My question is, it looks kind of spotty.  If doesn't feel very glassy in some spots.  When I clean it with water and a micro cloth it catches on some of the spots and doesn't look real shinny.  I'm afraid that this old established company bought out by a new guy is cutting corners and not polishing or sealing the material the way it should.  Can you give me any guidance?  Should I hire someone else to come in and polish my granite again? and how do I know if a company is good?

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble. Did you see the slabs prior to cutting them? Did you notice the spotiness that you're describing before it was cut? The slabs are polished in the factory before they are sent to the fabricator, so the quality of the surface finish is usually observed before fabrication. I believe the granite you're describing is a Brazilian granite and if it has both large and small crystals and there's likely some amount of fill which is most often a polyester resin. Sometimes this fill can be rough or depressed. The fabricator should be able to smooth that out and make it feel better to you. If you are able, please send me a picture of the problem area and it may help me understand more what is the problem. My email address is or you can call me to discuss at 406 360 1684

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