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Sink before mounting
Sink before mounting  

un-used sink clip
un-used sink clip  
Hi.  I hope this is close enough to your area of expertise.

I installed cabinets myself and yesterday had a counter-top shop install 2cm quartz counters and the sink in my very tiny galley kitchen.

While doing the install, they cut away part of the top braces (front and rear) of the sink cabinet, saying they always have to do that with 24" Ikea cabinets.

Today I started to work on the plumbing, I started to wonder if things are secure enough.  I'm sure that if I ask them, they'll say, "It's fine", but I'd like an outside opinion:

1. Left side of the sink rim sits pretty solidly on the top of the sink cabinet.
2. Right side of sink rim has maybe 30% of its surface sitting on the sink cabinet.
3. Front and back of the sink rim are not in contact with the sink cabinet.
4. There are what look like female ends to the clips embedded in the quartz at front and rear, but they are not used. (No clips)
5. They used Silicone to attach the sink to the counter.

My concern is that with the weight of the disposal, plus a sink full of water, the only thing holding it up is silicone along with 1 edge firmly on the cabinet and one edge partially on the cabinet.  Would the sink be liable to just fall when full of weight?

I can send more pics, but I took the first as they were getting started and it's not too different than the final product under the counter. The second shows the rear of the sink, not overlapping the cabinet, and with an 'empty' clip female end.

Should they at least have clipped it on? Or not cut the front and back as much as they did?  Or am I worrying over nothing?


Hi Scott,
They are correct that the front and back usually do not have support. For the side supports, the sink either needs to be completely supported by a cabinet partition, or an inbed bracket (clip). They need to get a support bracket attached to the female inbed. Silicone is not enough to support sink and disposal as you indicate.

Hope this helps.


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