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QUESTION: I have had this counter top for two years -- the installer said that he sealed it when he put it in and I resealed it last year, yet there is a terrible looking stain on the section that lines the front of the sink  -- see picture.  THe installer said that the rest of the counter top had darkened and that this was the original color -- so I should clean all the counter -- I do not think this is the answer -- I also did not think that a yearly seal was necessary.  THank you for your help

ANSWER: Marietta,
This is a very strange situation. Has the stone always looked like this?
The first thing I would do is clean the granite with HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner to strip off all coatings, polishes and sealers. Then allow to dry to get a better idea of what you are dealing with. You can order this professional grade cleaner at

I would be interested in seeing a progress picture once you use the product. Then we can go from there for the next step.
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QUESTION: Should I do the whole counter top or just the area I pictured.  And no, it has not looked like this from the beginning, just within the last 6 months

Do you know what sealer was used?
If an acrylic topical sealer was used, the moisture and water from sink may be reacting causing it to turn light. If it was acrylic, then you will need to strip off the sealer with HMK R54 Stripper, followed by R55 Intensive Cleaner.
The entire area should be cleaned.
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