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I asked a question about attaching wood trim to melamine kitchen cabinet doors with a nail gun.  Your answer was invaluable, and I've decided that even pin nailing probably isn't a good option in the long term.  Now I'm thinking that the best way to attach the trim to the doors would be to glue and clamp them.  Any recommendations as to what kind of glue would work best?

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Hi Christina, thank you for your follow-up question.  My first response would be to check with your local hardware store professional, but decided to do a little research myself.  This is typically outside of my area but I figured I could learn something as well in case something like this came up again.

I came up with two options that seemed to be reviewed well and recommended by others looking to glue the same surfaces you are, just maybe in different applications.

The first one I found is something called RooClear made by Roo Glue.  The manufacturer states it is perfect for adhering melamine to porous surfaces.  
Here is the link to the product I think would work for you - It may be hard to find so purchasing online might be your best option.

The other product may be a little easier to find in stores.  It is called Gorilla Glue and their website is
They have a Product Guide link on this site that allows you to answer a couple questions and the site suggests the best products.  They didn't list melamine as a one of the options, so I selected 'Plastic' bonded to 'Wood'.  Gorilla Glue White and Gorilla Epoxy were the two products that best fit your application.

If you need something quick, Gorilla Glue might be your best option.  If you have time, I think I would probably go with the RooClear because it specifically listed the melamine in their list of materials their glue worked on.

I hope this helps with your search for the best glue to use.  Best of luck with your project - and please send me a picture of the kitchen when it's finished, I'd like to see/hear how it turned out.

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