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Thanks in advance for your help! We're in the midst of a kitchen remodel, and have a question about appropriate knee wall support for a quartz countertop. Currently, there is a 6 foot long knee wall in place; it's topped with a granite countertop supported by steel plates, and both ends dead end into walls (it serves as a breakfast bar). I'm not sure as to the construction specifics of the current knee wall, as we haven't opened it up yet. The floor is cement slab. One of the walls will be removed, leaving us with a peninsula that dead ends only on one end. We will be keeping the steel plates to support the top, and changing the granite to quartz. How should the knee wall be built to give appropriate support, and how should it attach to the cement slab? (I'm assuming we may need to rebuild the knee wall so it will be stronger for our purposes) What is the best way to anchor it to the one remaining wall? Thanks very much for your help!

Thanks for sending me this question.
It seems to me the easiest solution (if you have room on the new open end) is to build a return knee wall perpendicular to the existing wall and tie it into the existing knee wall at the corner. The wall would be framed traditionally and anchored (Redhead) into the slab at the bottom into the slab. The new Quartz would have to be larger on the open end to cover the return wall and have an appropriate overhang. The existing metal supports would then be tied into the new knee wall somehow for additional anchoring if possible, but not necessary, as the new countertop when adhered, would also help tie things together.
I hope this helps, and if so, I would appreciate you rating my advice.
Have a good weekend in sunny Florida. This week, on Tuesday, it was -3 when I went to work here in Montana :-)

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