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Mr. Fulloon,
My house is about ten years old, and the little bumpers on the kitchen cabinets are just melting away.  I don't know if they're plastic or nylon or silicone, or what...but they're just dissolving.  I know you can buy sheets of those things, where you just peel 'em off and stick 'em where you want them.  But is there a kind that won't just melt away?  I don't know if the builder used some some of glue that they reacted to (most of the ones I see have sticky-backs to begin with), or if they're just reacting with the grease that's in the air of most kitchens.  I'd sure like to replace these once and for all, and not have to constantly do it every few years.
Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,
David Gardner

Hi there David:

I get all kinds of unusual questions but this one is different. A melting door bumper? Honestly I don't think they are actually melting but I do know what you mean. They seem to dry out and shrink in size. Maybe even get soft and I've even seen them get gooey which made them appear to be melting.

You are correct that you can buy these in sheets that you can tear off and stick on the doors and drawers. Often I see in the big box stores they sell felt ones. Don't buy them. Then there are hard plastic ones, using these almost defeats the purpose of them which is to silence the door hitting the frame. The best ones are soft silicone and have an extra little deet which is the slang term for what they really are called. It's like a second peak which does a great job of absorbing all the shock of hitting the frame and quiets it.

Honestly they are so inexpensive that I wouldn't worry about replacing them every few years. I also believe the ones sold today are superior to those 10 year old ones you have. The only other suggestion I can offer is you will not find quality ones in the big box stores. Try a cabinet supply place like Louis And Company or Woodworkers Emporium, maybe even HD Supply. If you don't have any of them near you then go online and order them. They will likely be cheaper then the big box stores who are crooks anyway.

I hope that helps. I wish you blessings and quiet cabinet doors.

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