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I'm going to tile my 80 square foot kitchen floor, and did a little exploring today.  It seems there is ceramic tile installed on top of laminate flooring, with a plywood substrate.  I'd really rather not replace the plywood if I can help it. Should I try to remove the laminate flooring and the tile, or would removing just the tile be sufficient?  Is there an easy way to do either?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for the question.  I'm afraid you won't really know which way to go until you start pulling up tiles. The previous install will dictate if the vinyl and plywood is damaded.  The previous preperation and materials will be determining factor.

Now, best way to remove and not damage vinyl, go SLOW.  Crack one or two tiles (wear goggles) so you can get a small pry bar in between and under tiles to pull up. Then use a rigid scraping blade at low angle to remove thine from vinyl.

Can't wait to hear how project turns out.


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