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Brace in the ceiling
Brace in the ceiling  

Brace under joist
Brace under joist  
Hello. I removed a light fixture in my kitchen, and I want to replace it with a ceiling fan. The box that was holding the light up, didn't look like it was fan-rated, so I removed it with the intention of getting a fan rated box from Lowe's.

Upon removing the box, I noticed that there was a metal brace that it was attached to. The brace goes from joist to joist, but it's wedged between the ceiling, and the joist. The bar is about 1/8th inch thick or so, and about 1/2 inch wide. I can't really tell if the bar is attached to the joist, or if it's just resting on the ceiling. I grabbed it and tried to wiggle it around, but got just a small amount of flexing. I'm not sure if this bar is rated for a fan or not. I would like to replace it with a brace from Lowe's, but I'm not sure how to remove it without destroying the ceiling. If I use a saw to cut it, the ends will remain, and the new brace will have to sit on top of them. Any advice?


Sorry for the delayed response, I have been on the road working on a project in North Carolina.

It is hard from the picture to see exactly, but my initial thought would be to cut the brace where you can reach it.  This will allow you to hold it while cutting keeping from causing ceiling damage.  I would then bend the remaining braces back against joist.  

After that I would install new fan box using the type that has a screw mechanism and extends to the joist.  This will press the old bracing into the joist and provide solid bracing.
You can look up Westinghouse Saf-T-Brace ceiling fan mounting hardware.

I am basing this on your description and pictures.  I hope this was helpful.

If I can be of any further service, let me know.

Craig Berberich  

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