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I have a combination kitchen and dining area that has white crown molding that matches the trim around the bay windows, French doors, etc.  We recently had a guy build us cabinets that have areas that go all the way to the ceiling and all the cabinets have crown molding.  The cabinets are canvas colored with coffee glaze.  The existing molding is white and they don't match.  My husband said to make all the molding match the cabinets, but then it won't match the other molding and chair rail in the dining area which is viewed from the living room (L-shaped).  I say either keep the white crown molding white and the cabinets stand on their own or get rid of the crown molding that isn't the cabinets.  Help!

Hi Michele:

I've seen this situation a whole lot of times over the years. Your husbands idea is a common one but there is one big problem with that. Cabinet grade crown moldings rarely come in lengths over 8'. I've seen 10s but it's not common and when a cabinet company has them, they sell it at a premium. You said someone made the cabinets, well that scares me but that could be good since they bought long lengths of raw crown at any length which you can do to match. Let me clear that last part up. Cabinets from major manufacturers use industry standards, with those standards, trim lengths are rare over 8'. When one builds their own cabinets, anything is available in any length.

Oh, I complain about short lengths because seams are a major curse. Your ultimate goal is no seams or splices.

My other suggestion is stopping the wall crown short of the cabinets that go to the ceiling and returning it back in. So the long point is touching the cabinet and then turned back in. See this link:

I can also side with you to get rid of the wall crown molding. I have seen people cope the cabinet stained molding into the wall painted molding but it is difficult if the molding profile is very different. It's a tough situation that should have been thought of before they were installed but that's all water under the bridge. What do you think of stopping the wall crown and returning it back in as in the picture?  

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