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Ran out of slab
Ran out of slab  

I chose the same slab for my counter and backsplash. I asked for an easy squared edge but I didn't know the fabricator would stack two unmatched layers resulting in a very conspicuous seam (second pic). After research, I now know I should have asked for a mitered edge. But the fabricator and my contractor never told me that was an option and I didn't know all the possible edge choices.

There's also a fissure about a foot long on the backsplash.  It's on the surface and I can feel it with my finger. It might have happened in transit, but still, shouldn't the installers have told me about it before they put it on the wall?

In the first pic, you'll see where they "ran out of slab."  Apparently there wasn't enough left to extend all the way up to the cabinet. So they say they'll put a separate piece in that space. Another seam.  And why didn't they do that at the worksite? This is the same backsplash where the fissure is.

Am I being unreasonable in asking that all countertops be redone and the backsplash replaced? Is it a monumental task to remove the granite from the cabinets and wall?

I am sorry you are experiencing this problem. What you are describing along with accompanying pictures show a completely unprofessional installation.
The laminated edge strip should have been cut from the same piece with veins carrying over the edge, and there should have been a minimal seam that's nearly invisible.
As for the backsplash, it should reach the bottom of the upper cabinets without a seam. The fabricator/installer has not followed industry best practices.
You should not accept this installation.

Sorry for your troubles.
Torin Dixon  

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