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Knitting/Binding off back shoulders and neck on a cardigan


I have 78 sts am on RS it says bind off center 34 sts and work both sides separately so i knitted 22 and bind off 34sts and knitted last 22sts(am working on st st)now am at WS and this part i don't get,from armhole edge bind off 6sts-(4)times at every alternate row and 4sts at neck edge once,do i knit all the armhole edges first then do the 4 neck sts or do armhole and neck edge at same time? Please explain this my first cardigan and project,thanks

You bind off at armhole and neck edge at the same time.

You can only bind off at the beginning of a row.
So , at the armhole edge, B.o. 6 sts and work to center. Turn. Now b.o. the 4 sts at neck edge and work across. Then you continue e.o.r. b.o. 6 sts. at just the armhole edge.

Then you'll do the other half of the back.


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