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Hi Susan,
Im very new knitor and im Vietnamese so sometimes I cant understand how to do when i read the instruction from the book. My question is about shaping neck and decrease :(
I have 53 stitches (and very basic just 1k row, 1p row) after working the back, im now working the front. It said
K21, turn.
Cont on these 21sts
Decrease one sts at neck edge in every row until 19 sts rem, then in every foll alt row until 15 sts rem
Cont without shaping until work measures same as Back to beg of shoulder shaping, end with purl row

So is that mean after k21 i have to put 32sts into the holder and just work with 21 sts? So when i finish this what can i do with the other side? How can i work the other side when this side (right side) is longer and the wool string is in the right side? Sorry for my bad English, i dont know if you can understand me :(
I appreciate your help,
Thanks a lot in advance

Is your sweater knit in pieces: a back and 2 fronts?
Is this a V neck sweater?
Sounds like it is.
If so, yes, you put the remaining 32 sts. on a holder. The directions should tell you how to work them. Usually a pattern will say to work the right side same as left side reversing shaping. But, you don't have the same number for right and left. Not sure without seeing a picture. Maybe your sweater is asymmetrical.
If this is a round neck, then when you return to the 32 sts. on holder you will bind some off first. The pattern should tell you.  


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