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Knitting/empisal 321 knitting machine


I seem to have problems in knitting especially the first few rows. It always gets jammed and I can't continue. What is the problem? Does anything need oiling because it seems that it needs a lot of pressure from me to get one side to the other. please help.

The first thing I would check is the needle retaining bar (sponge bar).  It should be thick and spongy or it needs to be replaced.

Second thing I would be sure you are clearing the end needle with each pass of the carriage.  I usually try to clear that last needle by an inch or more just to be sure.

Third thing:  Where is your hand on the carriage?  It should not be on top (they way you would iron clothing)but pushing from the sides.  If your hand is on top of the carriage you press down and put pressure on all all the flippers and gears etc under the carriage.

A little oil never hurts.  Be sure oil the back rail of the bed, the needle butts, and the back rail of the carriage.  I bought a good paint brush from the hardware store and I think it works better than the little cleaning brush that came with my machine.  

Also vacuum the main bed with the retaining bar out as well and with it in.  If you have the special cleaning brush, use that.  I vacuum the bed after every piece I knit.


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