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Knitting/knot in sock yarn


I am knitting my first pair of socks, toe up, on circular needles.
This has been major for me, as I had a lot to learn, and much frogging happened.
However, I'm working up the leg now, and expected to be easily able to finish my toe up sock, when I came to a knot in the yarn. How should I handle this, so it will look good, and wear well?
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When I see a knot coming up like that I cut the knot out.  Leaving about 4 inch tails. I just keep on knitting.  Later I would go on the purl side, and using a small crochet hook or a darning needle, cross the yarns so the tails are going in opposite directions and carefully weave in (bury) those tails for about 3 inces and then trim.


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