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I am knitting a pair of socks for the first time, I have come to the heel and obviously I have to decrease to make the shape of the heel, but the pattern says start off with a WRAP STITCH.

I cannot follow the instructions, it says put wool to the front of the needle (this is on a purl row) so the wool is already in the front ready to do the purl row, slip stitch and pull wool tight and move to the back, then continue to purl the row.  When you come back it says do not knit the wrap stitch.

Any help would be gratefully received.


The wrap is there to prevent a hole.  You would have the yarn in front so you can slip the stitch as if to purl.  Move slipped stitch to the back needle.  Each row you will be knitting fewer and fewer stitches to shape the heel.  When the heel is at the smallest point you will begin to knit more and more stitches each row until you have all stitches back in work.  This technique is usually refered to as "short rowing" or "short row to shape".


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