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Knitting/top down sweater


i am attempting to knit the kaleidoscope yoke sweater by Katie Himmelberg. here is my question:
With CC and shorter cir needle, cast on 88 stitches.  Place marker and join - no problem
 Work even in stockinet until piece measures 4 inches - no problem
 Increase round:  K5, *MIR, K1, pm, MIL, K10, MIR, K1, pm MIL, K5 = 104 stitches - no problem
 Knit 4 rounds even - no problem
 Repeat from * 7 more times, knit to end of round, 16 stitches added = 120 - no problem
Repeat the last 5 rounds 16 times = 376 stitches- PROBLEM

i think this says i should knit 4 rows and increase 5th row, etc.
i am to do this 16 times, which takes the yoke down too far and if i throw the piece on the a big line, it is outrageously large, though i am following the pattern size correctly.  Help

I see where the problem is.  Even if you're knitting with a very fine yarn, 376 stitches???????
The math is right so I don't know what to tell you.  Try submitting the problem again and I'll toss it into the "pool".  Maybe another knitter has done this and knows more than I do.


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