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Knitting/row counter on Knitmaster 700


QUESTION: Hi,my Mum has a Knitmaster 700 which she has just got out after years in storage.Everything seemed alright until she started using the carriage, The row counter cam wont work properly and seems very stiff. Also the carriage sometimes gets jammed against the cam.Any ideas what the problem is and what can be done? Maybe some of the many levers and buttons are not in the right place.Hope you can help and look forward to hearing from you.Thanks,Andy.

ANSWER: You might try just a tad of white lithium grease on the row counter, a little goes a long, long way.

Most older machines that have sat a while have an old presser bar (also called an needle retaining bar).  This needed to be pulled out and checked.  It should be spongy and bounce back quickly when squeezed. If it is flat and lifeless it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Once the presser bar has been removed, the needles can be taken out and wiped off with a rag and a little machine oil (not DW40) and the bed vacuumed.  There should a cleaning brush as part the original accessories but I use a new paint brush instead.  (A paint brush is easier to find and to hold onto).  Give a good brushing to the underside of the carriage and vacuum it as well.  You can put a little oil on the brush and go over the underside of the carriage once it is free of dust and gunk.

You may have to do this cleaning more than once.

Hope this helps.

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QUESTION: When the carriage trips the row counter cam should the cam spring back so it can be tripped on the reverse pass? At the moment it stays inside the slot and doesn't move so no rows are counted.Is there a lever inside that pushes the cam back out that might have been dislodged?Thanks for any help.

In most cases the row counter will trip when the carriage is moved from the left to the right and also from the right to the left.

There are (rarely) sometimes you only want the rows counted in one direction and the manual should tell how and when to set that up.

I don't know about your particular model but the manual should have pictures.  You could try to google a parts manual and see if you can get a better look that way.  On some models there is a kind of "finger" that sticks up from the back of the carriage that trips the row counter and this can be up (to count) or laid down to stop counting.


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