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I am knitting the shawl collar cardigan.
Right front border, I picked up 92 stitches and ribbed two rows. next row says rib 21 wrap 1 turn. Next row:rib.
I don't understand this.

You are going to be shaping the collar by short rowing.  This means you will only knit part of the row and then stop, turn around and go back.  The result will be the collar will be narrow at the the bottom and wider around the neck.  

When you rib the 21 stitches and stop to turn around you have to "wrap" or there will be a hole there.  Just turn your work around and bring the yarn over between the last 2 stitches worked to hold it there to prevent a hole.  (It just lays there)  This will not create an extra stitch or even show in the pattern.  Then finish that row in pattern.  

You pattern will tell you how many stitches to knit for the next short row and when to turn.  Always remember to wrap.


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