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I found a baby bunting pattern that is to be made on a knitting machine but I wanted to hand knit it.  Is there a way to convert from machine knitting to hand knitting?

The short answer is yes.  Basically, a knitting machine only knits stockinette --- unless it is programed to do a pattern (slip, tuck, or 2 color/fair isle).  The machine can also do lace (with a lace carriage)  Everything else, like cables, is hand manipulated.  Patterns are usually a 6 or 12 stitch repeat.

The pattern for the machine should give you a stitch gauge, the number of stitches to cast on, the number of rows to knit, when to increase or decrease, and when to bind off.  If the machine instructions call for you to scrap off, put raw stitches on a stitch holder.  If the machine instructions tell you to lower the tension, use a smaller needle/ raise the tension, use a larger needle.

If they tell you to do so many rows of ribbing and transfer the stitches to the main bed, just do ribbing and then switch to stockinette.

Write back if there are terms or directions I might help out on.


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