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Knitting/reverse knitting pattern


I have knitted the left front of a cardigan and I am now knitting the right front.  It instructs me to knit the right in reverse shaping.  

Left front fancy dec row (RS)

How do I reverse this pattern, please advise!!! I am stuck.

Look at the left front you have finished.  Where are the decreases, at center front or at the side seam/armhole?

If the decreases on the left front are at center front then the decreases go on center front for the right front.  If that decrease comes at the end of the row then do the (k3,M1.K2tog) pattern to the last three stitches, then K 2 tog, K2.  You might have to do one extra row so you are on the correct side of the work before you start to decrease.  If so, be sure to count it in.

Hope this helps.  Write back if you are still stick.



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