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I have never knitted a sweater.  My 1st piece to complete is the back, I am at the neck cast off/shaping.  The instructions read as the following:
Next row (RS) Cast off 10 stitches, patt until there are 14 stitches on right needle and turn, leaving remainder stitches on a holder. Work each side of neck separately.  Cast off 3 stitches at beginning of next row.
Cast off remainder 11 stitches.
With RS facing, rejoin yarn to remainder stitches, cast off center 35 stitches, pattern to end.
Complete to match first side, reverse shapings.

What does each step mean?

Next row (right side)  Cast off 10 stitches.  Knit the next 14 stitches in pattern.  Put all the stitches that are left unworked onto a stitch holder (Looks like a great big safety pin) or just leave them sit there.

Turn your work (wrong side) (working with 14 stitches) and cast off 3 stitches.  Knit the rest if that row.  Bind off these 11 stitches.  Break the yarn.

With right side facing you, cast off 35 stitches and work the rest of the stitches in pattern.  Turn work.  Cast off 10 stitches and work in pattern to the end of the row.  There should be 14 stitches left.  Cast off 3 and knit the rest of the row.  Turn and cast off remaining 11 stitches.  


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