I have Knifty Knitter round and long looms plus the KB all in one loom. I, very much want to make pullover,long sleeves and a crew neck to be made in the round. Do you have a pattern to make a pullover in the round on the loom instead on cir. needles?? For a child and adult too using #5 and #6 weight yarn. Do you know how to convert a hand knitted pattern to a loom??? Machine knitting would be the same as loom knitting pattern wise??
Thank you

I do not have experience with the Knifty Knitter or a long loom but I have had years of experience on Japanese knitting machines.  

I make a few samples at different tensions until I get the right gauge.  Once you have the same gauge as the pattern calls for, just follow the hand pattern.

Most hand knitting patterns can be done on a knitting machine but there are some limitations.  Internal increases usually cannot be done so if you are making something like a gored skirt or a round yoke sweater, start the other way and do internal decreases.  Also knit and purl stitches in the same row can be done but you need to unknit the stitch that should be purled and purl it by hand before you knit the next row.  

About ribbing, sometimes I cast on with waste yarn, knit the main part of the sweater and then knit the ribbing for the wrist, waist, and neckline by hand.  Another technique is to  cast on every other stitch and at a tighter tension, knit twice as many rows and hang an hem.  This is called mock ribbing.


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