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Hi Carol,
I don't know if I submitted this question properly thia AM.
I made a mistake and told you that the right front of the cardigan had 31 stitches , but it had 39 stitches. I still don't understand what to do. I believe the sts on the holder are  for the collar. I am hoping that you can look at the Drops pattern #142-13 . I am doing a size medium and it confuses me from where it says on the right front when I get to 26 inches, slip 8 stitches on to a holder, etc. Do I start knitting from the neck edge or arm edge and when do I put the sts on the holder and how many sts do I knit before I put sts on holder?Thanks Sue

The 8 stitches that you work and then put on a holder are the stitches under your chin and are picked up after the band when you do the collar.   So on the side opposite where you casted on for the sleeve is where you do the 8 stitches and put them on a holder AND bind off 2 stitches and finish the row.  29 stitches on work (39- 8=31-2=29)  Do the next row.  At the neck edge, bind off 2 and finish the row.  27 stiches in work (29-2=27).  Do the next row.  At the neck edge bind off 1 stitch and finish the row.  26 stitches in work (27-1=26)  Do the next row even.  At the neck edge, bind off 1 stitch and finish the row. 25 stitches in work (26-1=25).  Knit even on these 25 stitches until 29 1/8 inches in length.

I hope I explained this so it works for you. Thanks for your patience.   It is a beautiful design and I just might try it for myself.  


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