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Hi, I am having trouble with my Knitmaster 700. I have checked the sponge bar, its new. I have checked the tensions according to the manual they are fine. I have checked the needles by removing all 200 needles from the bed, wiping them and returning them. I ahve cleaned and oiled all parts, blown out everywhere, checked for bits of fluff or yarn caught in wheels.I have changed the small brushes that run along the gate pegs just in case. I have checked that the punchcard is revolving correctly. I am only having trouble in the last 20 needles, long loops are forming.
I make sure there are enough weights at each end. I have tried different punchcards, tuck stitch and slip stitch, nothing seems to work. Now I am getting tired, it worked just fine when I stopped using it 18 months ago- I wonder if it's sulking now?

Yes, it probably is sulking.  Wash your hands and go back and sweet talk it a little bit.  While you are talking, take the carriage off and check the brushes underneath.  Sometimes lint gets trapped under there.  take the screw out and remove the brush to check.  Sometimes the brushes have fallen off!  Also check the white disks with teeth to see if there is lint under them or if any of the teeth have broken off.

Hope this helps make your machine behave itself.  :)


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