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I have the Ultimate Sweater Knitting Machine.
Q1:Can you please tell me how to a swatch gauge on it??
Q2: Do you do a swatch gauge on any knitting machine the same way?
Q3: Do you do a swatch gauge on every new ball of yarn??
Thank you

Basically, to do a swatch gauge, you cast on about 20 or 30 stitches and knit 10 or 20 rows and scrap it off.  Using a ruler, count the number of stitches required to make 1 inch and count the number of rows to make 1 inch.

I make a swatch for every new brand of yarn or type of yarn.  I would need to make a swatch if I was going to knit with 4 ply worsted.  I would need to make a new swatch if my next project was going to use baby yarn.  Usually when using the same size yarn from the same company color does not change the gauge.

Some of the electronic knitting machines with attachments have special rulers and require the knitter to make the swatch over an exact number of rows and stitches.  


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