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I hope you can answer these questions.
Q1: Do you really need to wash and dry your swatch gauge for Hand Knitting?? or Machine Knitting?? Is this personal choice?
Q2: If a Knit pattern says with larger needles 18 sts equals 4 inches for a gauge. Do you cast on 18 sts and then measure it.??
There seems so many ways to do a swatch gauge.
Q3: How do you do a swatch gauge using Circular Needles in Stockinette st. 12sts equal 4"??
Sorry if I have to ask about hand knitting but the other names on the list do NOT work to ask them a question. Thank you

I wash and dry a swatch if I am looking for an exact fit - - like the time I made my best friend's mother-of-the bride dress.  I would not wash and dry a swatch for about 80% of what I do.  I would do it if I was using a new and unusual yarn.

For gauge I would cast on 4 or 5 inches of stitches and knit 4 or 5 inches of length and then measure and count how many row make an inch and how many stitches make a inch.  

You can do a stitch gauge on straight needles the same size as your circular needles.  


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