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Near the end of pattern Anouk-Revisited as a Dress and don't want to mess up again!
I'm at the neck shaping and I have 39 stitches each for front and back bodice.
Pattern reads for neck shaping: work 15 sts in pattern, please these on st holder, BO9, work to end in pattern. Turn and work 1 row even. BO3 at beg of next row. Work 1 row even. BO1 at beg of next row. Work 1 row even.  This is where I become confused: Rejoin yarn and repeat neck shaping for other side reserving shaping.
Rejoin the 15 sts on holder to what was just knitted?  What about the back neck shaping?
Please help and thank you so very much!

I would have cut my yarn after doing that last 1 row even.  I would put the 15 stitches back on the needle and join the yarn.  Now do the shaping in reverse.  I would do the back neck shaping the same way if there are no specific back neck shaping instructions.  


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