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Knitting/knitting pettern shape neck


please can you help im a begginer and thought this was easy the pattern for shape neck reads.

nxt row Sl 1 k11 (11,11,11,14,14,14,14)turn and leave remaining stitches on a spare needle.

nxt row patt to last 3 sts, p2 k1 work 8(8,8,8,12,12,12,12,)rows dec 2 sts at armhole edge on next and every following 4th row, at the same time dec 1st at neck edgeon row and following alt row then every following 4th row 5sts then next row sl 1 k1 k3tog next row sl 1 p2 next row sl 1 k2tog next row p2tog and fasten off. slip centre 9(9,9,9,11,11,11,11,)sts onto a stitch holder rejoin yarn to remaining sts and k to end next row sl 1 p2 patt to end, complete to match first side of neck reversing shapings.

im confused more by the first part as I reading it as I can have either 11 sts or 14 sts?

many thanks for your input ans sorry to be a nuisance

Your pattern comes in 8 sizes.

If we call the sizes a, b, c, d, e, f, g, and h, then sizes a, b, c, and d would have 11 stitches and sizes e, f, g, and h would have 14 stitches.

When I deal with a pattern of multiple sizes, I make a copy of the pattern (not breaking copyright laws to make a copy for your own use) and circle everything pertaining to the size I want.  I can also make notes or tally marks on this sheet without messing up the original pattern in case I want to knit it again.


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