Hi Carol,

I am knitting a baby dress from a pattern from Norway and I am having problems understanding there binding off instruction.  Can you expain to me what this means:

Bind off for armholes at each edge every 2nd row 1x3, 1x2 and 1x1sts.   Also: Bind off at neck edge every 2nd row 1x3-4-4, 1x2 and1-2-2x1sts.

What does this mean?  Can you help me?


I would read that as bind off one time 3 stitches, bind off one time 2 stitches, and bind off one time 1 stitch for the underarm.  For the neck bind off one time 3 stitches for the small size (or 4 stitches for the medium size or 4 stitches for the large size) bind off one time 2 stitches for all sizes,  bind off one time 1 stitch for size small (or 2 stitches for size medium or 2 stitches for size large.  

You would bind off at the beginning of each row thereby decreasing at that side every other row.  


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