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My pattern says :
Dec 1 at V-neck edge only on next and every alt row 5  times,
Then every 4th row from previous dec 10 times

This is the first sweater that I am doing for myself . Please, can you tell me what to do . Thank you for your time . ;-)

 When you get to the place where you want to start your V-neck, I usually keep separate tally marks for those rows.  You have an armseye edge to your work and a neck edge.  At the neck edge, row 1 - decrease 1 stitch.
     row 2 - even
     row 3 - decrease one stitch (second decrease)
     row 4 - even
     row 5 - decrease one stitch ( third decrease)
     row 6 -even
     row 7 - decrease one stitch (fourth decrease)
      row 8 - even
     row 9 - decrease 1 stitch (fifth decrease)
      then decrease on row 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 45, and 49.


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