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I am a beginner (but improving!) knitter. I am stumped with these instructions and the use of brackets and would really appreciate your help. I am knitting a 2nd size baby jacket and and realise that I am working from the 1st numbers within all brackets.

The instructions say:
P4[5:6:2:4:5],p2tog,(p5[4:6:6:6:5],p2tog)7[9:7:9:9:11]times,p3[5:6:2:4:6]. 50[56:62:68:72:78]sts

Thank you very much for your time.

No wonder as a beginner you were puzzled.  I had to read it 5 or 6 times before I got it.

p4[5:6:2:5] means purl 4 for the smallest size, purl 5 for the size you want.

p2tog means purl 2 stitches together 1 time for all sizes

(p5 [4:6:6:6:5] , p2tog) 7 [9:7:9:9:11] times means   p5-p2tog   7 times and purl the last 3 stitches for the smallest size.  

for your size it would be p5, p2tog once and then   p4-p2tog   9 times and then purl the last 5.

The smallest size would have 50 stitches

The size you want would have 56 stitches.  

I make a "working copy" for anything I knit.  When I have a pattern like this I take the "working copy" of it and cross out what I don't need or circle the numbers I do need.  I can make notes or tally marks on this sheet also.  As long as you are the only person using the "working copy" you are not breaking copywriter laws. I keep my working sheets for future reference (date, who I made it for, etc.)  


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