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Hi Carol,

Many thanks for your previous invaluable help! I've now progressed to a raglan baby cardigan (Sirdar 1782) but have some more basic queries...

Working 5 rows in rib - does this mean 5 lots of the 2x2 rib or individual rows of the 1st and 2nd rows of rib? And cast off in rib is just an ordinary cast off?
When picking stitches up on the front edge (to form an attached button hole band), does'the front edge' include the few horizontal stitches at the top (before it joins up with the raglan on the opposite side?)

And lastly please could you explain:  Rib 2,rib2tog,yrn,rib 13, rib2tog, yfwd, rib 13,rib2tog,yon,rib 13,rib2tog,yrn rib 13, rib2tog, yrn rib 2 (perhaps 'yon' is a typo?)

The collar appears a nightmare but will try to fathom that out before I cry for help!

Thank you very much,
Best wishes,

yrn means "yarn around needle"  see this link for a video how to

work 5 rows of rib means k1, p1 across row 1, then knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches for 4 more rows.

rib 2 (means either k1, p1 OR p1, k1 as determined by previous row)

rib2tog (means knit 2 together as 1 OR purl 2 together as 1 = 1 decrease)

yrn (means yarn around needle = 1 increase)

yfwd (yarn forward  see video

yon means yarn over needle

to me yrn, fwd, and yon all mean 1 stitch increase or a lace hole.

cast off in 1x1 rib would be k1, p1, pull k stitch over purl stitch (1 decrease) k1, pull purl stitch over knit stitch (second decrease) etc.

cast off in 2x2 rib would be k2, pull first knit stitch over second knit stitch (decease 1) purl 1, pull knit stitch over purl stitch (second decrease) purl 1, pull purl stitch over purl stitch (third decrease) knit 1, pull purl stitch over knit stitch (fourth decrease) etc.  

The pick up stitches would go all the way to the top of the front.  The horizontal stitches to get to the raglan are neck stitches.  


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