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I am trying to find a way of creating a child size version of the pattern 'Roxie' from the Rowan book 'Big Just Got Bigger', which is knitted in Chunky Print.  I have made the smallest size, which is still at least 8 stitches too wide across the back and front, and much too big and long in the sleeve for my fairly tall but stick-insect like 10 year old daughter.  Obviously I have now taken it over, but I would still like to knit her one for herself, as it was originally her idea and she had waited months for me to get round to it!  Do you know of anyone who could help me with this please?  Thank you so much for your time.

HI Jane
the method that I use for resizing a garment is by the guage.

find the gauge you are knitting to.  Say 5 stitches per inch

say your measurements are 28 for the chest,  multiply the 5 by 28 to get the number of stitches you need.

do this for all the measurements.  for the length, just use the measurement needed for side and sleeve.



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