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Knitting/Miter squares


pauline wrote at 2013-04-20 13:11:47
thank for your pattern i like to try different pattern,s and this was one

 in the middle i was knitting 2 together knit 1 knit 2 together  and then the rest of the row it look,s ok but not like the lady on facbook so now i,m going to try your way



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Jim Trippe


Hello! I can answer questions about all knitting basics and most specialized areas. I have a good knowledge of needle types and materials including straights, round, and double-pointed. I can answer questions about the needles, tools, and yarns appropriate to your projects, adjusting and properly gauging your swatch for a good fit, and help you through finishing your garments. We can discuss methods for blocking and the ever-important aftercare of your finished projects. I can help guide you through most of the useful and intriguing aspects of knitting, such as short-rowing, cabling, seaming, and buttonholes, to name a few. I can also help with many questions about machine knitting (particularly Passap) and crocheting; and, I have tatted for over thirty years.


I began knitting twenty years ago and have completed many sweaters of all types and weights. I have also completed many blouses, camisoles, shells, shawls, socks, gloves, hats, and scarves by hand. I have done some sock production-knitting on my Passap and can finish a pair in less than an hour. I've followed many patterns but have almost exclusively designed my own garments for the past year. I love to spin my own yarn also.

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