madknitter wrote at 2010-04-12 04:26:07
i was given the same pattern to try out for a lady so i could teach her the stitch. patons emailed me saying its a daisy stitch. so thats where i got lost. i will give it a go before showing the lady in question so she can make the little top for a family member.

bonnie wrote at 2013-04-08 06:45:16
Did this work in the knitting pattern. I have the same pattern which I want to knit but it doesn't seem to work out, too many stitches! What is daisy stitch?

mayane wrote at 2013-11-25 19:13:28
Patons Leaflet 1972

Daisy Stitch

Multiple 4 sts plus 1

Rows 1 and 3 (Right side_ - Knit

2nd row K1, * P3tog, yo (wrapping yarn completely around needle), purl same 3 sts again, K1, rep from * to end.

4th row K1, P1, K1, * P3tog, yo, P same 3sts tog again, K1, rep from * to last 2 sts, P1, K1.

Rows 1 to 4 form pattern.

The above is the Patons explanation of the MPK stitch in this pattern.  


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I have been knitting since I was around six.

I have been knitting since I was around six.

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