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Knots Landing/knots landing missing episodes !


there was a time i had all 14 seasons on dvd ..but i moved across the country (in the US) 5 years ago and i am missing seasons 7,8 and 9.

I am also missing  episodes from season 10 : 240-gigantics II, 241-Dial M for Modem, 242-Thats what friends are for , and 243-Perfect Opportunity.

Also missing are episodes from season 3: 42-Power play, 43-Possibilities, 44-Reunion, 45-Cricket, 46-Best Intentions, 47-Silver shadows.

How much would it be to get the above 6 episodes from season 3, 4 episodes from season 3 as well as seasons 7,8, and 9 on DVD??

I can be emailed at
hope to hear from someone!  thanks!!!!! :))))
Jennifer :)

I am very very interested!

Please let me know!

Hi Jennifer,

I used to know two people that had all seasons of Knots Landing.  Within the last two years they stopped responding to requests and emails.  Unfortunately, Warner Bros. only officially released the first two seasons of the show. I have not found anyone who has the seasons you need.  Hopefully soon, WB will see that us loyal fans love this show and will finally give us what we've been asking for-all seasons on DVD (and Blu-Ray)  ok that's pushing it!   :-)

Thanks for being a fan and if I get and leads 8'll be sure to post and let everyone know  


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Devoted fan of the 2nd longest-running drama in television history. From the first time I watched the show with my friends, I was hooked! The plots, the sub-plots, the character interaction, the complicated character history, the back-stabbing, the lies, the cheating, the scandals - how wouldn't like this show?!! That coupled with great acting has made this show stand out above the rest is by far my favorite TV show of all time. Dallas, was good too-hey I have to give it props, after all Knots was a spin-off of this show, but Knots wasn't (always) about the glitz and the super rich. For the most part these were middle-class families living extraordinary lives. Ok one more thing-who cannot resist humming the theme song while watching the opening montage? I consider myself a Knots Landing expert and will do my best to answer your inquiries.


Besides watching the entire series countless times when it was on TV and the bits and pieces I've recorded (now on warped and antiquated VHS), I've written for a few Knots Landing fan websites, read and studied the show for my own personal satisfaction. Over the years my friends and I have had long discussions about plots, characters, things we liked, things we didn't like. We've covered just about all bases - we're well versed in "everything Knots".

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