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How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/Does she like me as more than a friend?


I have liked this girl since the beginning of the semester and just recently started talking to her. She smiled at me a lot, looked in my eyes longer than others normally would, and I have caught her looking at me in class a few times. However, she has a boyfriend - I do not wish to intrude or transgress my boundaries. Since I found out she has a boyfriend, I just want to be friends with her and that is sufficient for me. But...

I got the courage to start talking to her, and the next day I asked her how she was, and she opened up a lot. She told me all about her family, that her grandfather was in the hospital and how her work situation has been. I listened and when she was leaving I asked for her number and she gave it to me. After that, I texted her a small message to make her feel better and she sent me a very long reply, saying that I made her day, listening to her heartaches, and that she was so glad she met me and that I am a great friend.

We texted for a while and it was nice, then I didn't text for a day to give her some space because she was dealing with her grandfather. I texted her today and she asked if it was me because she didn't have my number which is weird - it means she didn't save it...

Just wondering, what others think of this? If she likes me more than a friend or not? She smiles a LOT at me.

Hi Samir

This girl is obviously going through hectic things so maybe you must just be there for her
while she goes through these things. I think she like you more than a friend. The reasons may be because nobody listen to her inner feelings,
her current boyfriend is not giving her all the support she needs and she feels comfortable talking with you.
Don't kiss her or flirt while she has a boyfriend. That will cause trouble between them.
But if you really want to be with her, wait for her until she comes to you. And if she really wants to be with you
she will have to decide which guy she wants.

My best advice that I can give you is be there for her all the time, listen to what she tells you, make her laugh and
encourage her that she will get through this tough time.
If you really wanmt to know how she feels about you, you must ask her.
But just be carefull, don't put a lot of pressure on her.

I think if you do those things she will realize it and choose you.


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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