How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/Is she interested?


Hello, Simon
         A few days ago I went to taco bell with a friend of mine Julian, and a pretty girl that he knows just happened to be working. So they greet each other and she asks him if i'm his little brother he says no, and tells her that i'm actually a few months older than him (it's not that I look young btw he just happens to be 6'5 and towers over everybody haha so I understand why she would ask) and they have a little conversation start joking around with each other and he brings up that he just got off work and she asks does he work with you? Obviously referring to me and he again says no and tells her where I work at. Her asking those questions lead me to speculate if she was possibly interested in me, but what I found weird was was she asking Julian all these questions about me when I was standing right there with him in front of her? and she only made eye contact with me once the entire time. Does that indicate that she's interested, but shy? I saw her few months ago at the same taco bell btw while a girl she works with was taking my order, she noticed me came from the back and stood beside her at the register for a second looked at me then went back to what she was doing. Sorry if this is long I just would like to know if she is interested in me because I think she is very pretty and would like to get to know her.

Hey, Proof!

Well, DOES she like you? If she was asking questions about you to your friend Julian it's very clear that she was inquiring to know things about you, which means yes she was curious about you. But as much as she avoided asking YOU the questions directly instead of Julian, it appears that so far you've avoided talking to her as well.

Words of encouragement: it is VERY possible to get a girl's number even if she's at work. All you have to do is find her at that Taco Bell and say hello. Try to make small talk while she's taking your order; if you get a good vibe from her (and trust me, you'll be able to tell) and seems genuinely interested in talking to you, ask her for her number afterwards. Sometimes you might be the victim of that blow-off fake number, but try to think of this in a situation where you have nothing to lose. The worst that could happen is that you'll just be rejected by a girl who works at a local Taco Bell. Plenty of other pretty women out there.

Hope this helps,


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I can help resolve your doubts about problems with your crush and/or love interest up to certain limitations - I will most likely be unhelpful if you are middle-aged or older because I am, after all, just a college student with specialized experience in how early teen/adult relationships work. However, as this is a busy category and as some of the other experts are not readily available most of the time, I will be happy to help in whatever way I can and point you in the right direction. Please type your questions intelligently and include all NECESSARY details - I am happy to read walls of texts so long as they make sense and give a good sense of what your situation is like. I can: 1. Give you an experienced outsider's general perspective of the situation. 2. Tell you whether your person in mind is worth following, and 3. How, with a direct and no-bull attitude, be confident enough to "go for it". I will answer your questions with answers that are as honest as possible. I encourage you to ask follow-ups if you are unsure, however; every person is entitled to search for companionship.


I have been in many relationships which have included successes and failures, all of which helped develop my communication skills and understanding of what it takes to maintain a fulfilling relationship between two young people. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, the answer to "whether she really likes me or not" eludes me as well - nobody can always 100% tell what another person thinks about you. However, if you really want to engage in a serious, working relationship with someone, the key thing is to BE DIRECT. Through life experiences, I have dealt with relationships that have overcome racial, age, status, and physical-distance boundaries; and I am so grateful to my wonderful friends for the amazing consultation they have given me to strengthen my relationships and hone my skills when it comes to analyzing body language and being genuine. Hopefully, I will be able to give you a similar kind of guidance.

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