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I'm so confused and I'm wondering if I could get your assistance. I met this guy at school, and for the first month and a half he chased me around until I gave him the time of day. By October we were going out, we just didn't say anything because he's not allowed to date. We had maybe one argument during our relationship. We had a perfect relationship until a week or two after our one month. My "friend" just started driving a wedge between us and she kept flirting with him and I kept getting jealous and we kept arguing and I decided to end things. He started being really rude to everyone after that and he's still rude. He kept pushing me out of his life even if we agreed to being friends. But last week I heard a rumor that my "friend" and him were together and I stopped talking to both of them. I tried deleting him completely from my life and moving on because I know I still care about him but all it's getting me is hurt. So I stopped talking to him and he kept begging me to talk to him. Before that he started playing what was our song on the piano in front of me during a free period in class. He's been extremely moody lately, and I've been having such a hard time forgetting about him because there are so many coincidences involving him that remind me of him and us. His name continues to pop up on my Facebook page and on New Year's Eve I was watching the count down in Niagra Falls with Hedley playing, and all of a sudden the song that used to be ours started playing. I go back to school next week and I don't know how I'm going to act around him and I don't know if how he's acting means he still cares and is just hiding it behind the facade of being rude. I miss him so much and I would get back together with him but I don't know what to do or what to think anymore. Help please?

Hello Angela,

Let me first say "Happy New Year". Thank you for selecting me to be the one to assist you with the problem at hand. In my opinion I think he was being moody because he still had feelings for you. We as women tend to allow our emotions get the best of us and before we clearly think we are making decisions that we often regret later. You must remember that COMMUNICATION is the key to any successful relationship, whether it be with your boyfriend or your female friend who was trying to get in the way of your happiness with him. When you go back to school and you see him be calm about everything - be cool acting. Say Happy New Year, throw in some pleasantries "How was your school break?", "Do anything exciting?" etc... Allow things to flow, in time if it seems as if you both are making a move back into the direction of being back in a relationship then is the time you'll want to discuss with him your feelings. REMEMBER stay as calm as possible and get your point across WITHOUT accusing him because this will only make him defensive and the arguments will begin.

I hope that I've answered your question, if not please feel free to follow-up.

Good luck!


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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