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How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/I like this guy. Does he like me?


QUESTION: So, there is this guy who has been one of my best friends for about 6 or 7 years. I really like him, but I want to know if he likes me. One time, he touched his leg to mine and held it there for a few seconds, then moved it away, repeating this several times. I didn't move my leg away, but I pressed back. He is an awesome person and we are both homeschooled. It is amazing what one guy can do to my heart. Is he just touching me because e feels comfortable around me or because he likes me? Please help!

ANSWER: Hello Olivia,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. Has he done anything else? Based on your examples the fact of him liking you could go either way.

Please feel free to follow-up with more information, thank you!


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QUESTION: Hey Latoya,
Sorry for not rating you as great as you may deserve, but I was just feeling kinda frustrated  that you couldn't tell me  whether he likes me or not. We talk a lot because he is one of my best friends. But I try not to be to obvious with me liking him because every week him and his two brothers and me and my two sisters hang out.  As  I already told you, we have all known each other for years. We talk all the time and we love to play songs together since we all are really good at different instruments. One time while we were getting ready to play a song, he had a microphone and he looked at me and just started talking about this girl who REALLY does not get along with him and they argue all the time. He was saying things like that he actually did like her, but she doesn't like him and stuff like that. He has a girl type personality (where he likes lots of girls) so I don't know if he likes me or not. We hang out all the time and all know each other really well. It is an amazing friendship and if he doesn't like me, then I don't want to tell him because it might ruin our friendship. I don't know how much you can help, but I love spending time with him and his brothers.

Hello again Olivia,

What I think many people feel when asking questions is that the experts on this site is the "All Knowing" meaning we know everything there is to know about our field. Unfortunately we can only use our own life experiences or those from people whom are close to attempt to help others. Sometimes when given limited information or examples I personally can not get a good feel of the situation. There are times when based on shared information I feel a person can feel either way. I wish I had the gift to read minds, don't we all right (smile)? I unfortunately don't have that capability so I have to go based on my own thoughts.

When he looked at you while speaking these things on the mic did it describe you? Do you both argue all the time? That small little example could mean that he was trying to give you a hint that he did like you. Next time you you guys hang out ask him who he was speaking about on the mic. I'm quite bold and I do know this is not everyone's way, but someone has to make the move to see if he's feeling the same or not. You won't be revealing you like him just showing curiosity. If this happened a very long time ago, then don't bring it up.

Keep me posted!

I'll try to help you figure him out as much as I can.



How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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