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How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/How can I know if she likes me


I come to you today with a major problem. I have the biggest crush on a female cashier at my local meat market. I went to high school with her (we're both 18) but we've never actually met, despite having some mutual friends. I wasn't attacted to her then but now for some reason I can't stop thinking about her. It's like I see her in a whole new light. The only problem is that I'm really shy around her. When I go to buy something at this market and I'm about to check out my heart starts racing and I can't speak. I guess I have this problem with her because I don't know her and since all my past girlfriends have been friends before I have no experience in approaching women. So my two questions are: 
1. How can I get myself to act right infront of her without feeling like I'm going to pass out?
2. How can I find out if she's interested and attract her?"

Hello Robert,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. Many women love confidence and it is one of the things that attract a lot of us to a man. Because you say that your extremely shy you will need to take baby steps in trying to become her friend. The point of this is to help you become more and more comfortable with asking her out eventually and you'll also be gaining her as a friend. When you visit the store start speaking to her. Start off by saying Hello and ask her how is she doing today? If she's aware that you both went to the same school and had some of the same friends, ask if she's kept in contact with any of them since high school. Ask her what has she been up to since graduation? Make the conversation real light and friendly. Do not always go to her for check-out though. When you're in another lane and if your eyes meet just smile and throw your hand up as to say hello and leave. On some of the days you don't go to her line you can walk pass if she's near the door and just say "Hey!" Again start off small and build your confidence to eventually ask for her phone #. Attempt this for awhile and see how she responds. As for finding out if she's interested, you won't really know this until you attempt to get to know her. You first have to see how she responds to you. Feel free to keep me posted of your progress and follow-up if need.

Thanks and good luck!


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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