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Hi, Latoya!
So I've got the stereotypical teenage dilemma. I like this guy, and I can't tell if he likes me back (surprise, surprise!). So anyways, I have liked this guy for the past 2 years or so, but I've known him for almost my entire life. We are both juniors in high school, and both homeschooled.
It started off when he told my best friend last winter (2011, I suppose) that he liked me. By then I had sort of thought that he did like me, but when he told her that sort of confirmed it. We danced a lot of slow dances at a party, and hung out a lot. Then, last summer, my friend went up to him (in public!) and told him that I liked him. According to her, he got all awkward and said "really? still?". She told him that yes, I did, and asked him if he liked me. Apparently, he sort of looked around and said "Well... I guess she can be kind of annoying when you two are together." (I'm all saying this from memory, I can't remember his exact words). So anyways, I sort of gave up on him after this, obviously.
But, I couldn't help liking him. He's really a great guy. So anyways, I sort of fell back into a crush on him, because he never really changed how he acted around me. He's always been very shy and sort of awkward around girls, but since about last year he's started opening up to me and talking to me like an actual friend, instead of getting so quiet like he is around most people. So I kept liking him, despite the fact he'd basically said he didn't like me to my friend.
Then, my best friend's brother (who is best friends with the guy I like) told her that he was pretty sure that the guy I liked still really liked me. She told me this, of course, so that just made me more hopeful. He's started hanging out with me more, too, and just commenting on stuff that I do (nicely), and asking me about what I'm doing at home, all that sort of thing.
I guess the main reason I'm wondering if he actually likes me is because of something that happened when I was at my friend's house the other night. Her brother was at work, but the guy I like, some little boys, my friend, and I were all outside playing tag and everything in the snow (it was just getting dark). Anyways, after about a round, my friend managed to sneak into the house (the guys saw her go in, and moaned a bit about losing a player, but let her go). Anyways, I was about to go in, because it would have been totally lame to just stay out while she went in, but suddenly the guy I liked barricaded the door! I asked to be let in a few times, but he just said "Nope. You've got to stay out here and hang out with us", and we pretend-argued back and forth. I know I could have gone in if I'd really asked him, but to be honest, I wanted to stay outside, so we just had a good time bickering. Plus I could use the fact that he trapped me out as an excuse to not look like a horrible person.
So we played a few games of hide-and-seek (per the little kids's request), and my hands were freezing because I was wearing thin gloves. So anyways, the guy I like saw me rubbing my hands together, and started to take off his gloves and said "Here, take these!". I'm really bad at taking things from people though, so I turned him down. He tried to get me to take them, and pouted when I didn't, but I assured him I was fine, and threw a snowball at him to prove my point. We all laughed and moved on. The weird thing is, I don't think he's ever offered his (really amazingly warm, apparently) gloves to anyone before. Ever.
So after that, we were playing one more round of hide and seek, and were looking for one person. So he split us into groups- two of the little kids together, and he and I. We walked along side-by-side together (pretty close), and just talked about random stuff. After the kid was found, I said that I was frozen through and going in, and he said that that was a good idea, and joined me.
Then the other thing happened the day after that (this was last weekend). We were, again, hanging out at my friend's house, watching her brother play on his ipad (the game was actually one that was fun to watch). He then put it on this zombie game, and handed it to me, and told me to try it out. I was sitting sort of opposite of everyone else, and the guy I like got up and sat right next to me. I sort of leaned over subconsciously so he could see the screen better, and he just sort of jolted back, and looked at me, like really looked at me, for about 2 or 3 seconds. Then, he slowly leaned back over, to where our shoulders and arms and legs were touching. What was he doing? Was he weirded out?
So, so sorry for the novel! I hope you can give me some advice.
Thank you so much! :)

Hello Tana,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. Based on the examples you've provided I would say there is a strong chance that he could like you, but it is obvious that he still is shy. I think it's a great thing that he's opening up more, continue to spend time with him when you can and continue to be friendly and easy to talk to. When guys are shy they usually tend to feel more comfortable pursuing a relationship once they are 100% comfortable with a girl they like. It still may take some time for him to build up courage to asking you out, for your number or whatever - but if you keep his interest he'll come around to it. If you both weren't developing a friendship then the likeliness of him approaching you for your number, etc.. would be -0-.

I believe you both are on the right path, just enjoy getting to know each other and see where things go. Developing friendships/relationships are always exciting.

Good luck!


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