How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/does he have a crush?


Does he have a mutual crush or what? cuz Im confused .but I do like him?

theres this guy I like at my job,im new there well since ive been there he been nothing but xtra nice to me, he'll ask me how my day is going,always smiling at me...he'lol wait for me to get off work if we get off at the same time and ride the elevetor with me....he makes small chit chst when he can...he holds the door open for me....he'll sit back in his seat and watch me if im working in his area and tilt his head back and smile.....

two days ago he rode the elevetor and asked me what am I going to do when I get paid and when do we get paid (mind u he's been there for a few months) I just started..... yesterday he stood in the doorway and looked at me, like he wanted to say something to me but he didnt..... I really like him...and I dunno if hes being nice cuz im new, if hes the company snitch and is nosey, or does he really have a crush on me...we are the same age, im the office assistant and he is an engineer......

well he came back to work today and made sure he let me know he was there, cuz I sure as hell wasnt paying attention, he came up behind me with this big azz smile on his face and was like what you workin on....and tried to help me out.....oh he bought something from my family members fundraiser and I gave him a thank you note and it had a clownhat on a coffeemug with a smiley face on it....and I assume he read it, cuz a few minutes after that, I was talkin to a fellow male co-worker and ol boy passed by me and gave me a dirty look ....jealous maybe?
ive been hurt in the past...and I aint tryna get hurt me thanks

im african american and he is family isnt too fond of that but i dont care...i really like him, and from his actions i think he likes me but i want a second opionion... do you think he'll ever admit it...if he does have one regardless if we work together or not

hello Violet I attempted to write a long email and I lost it just imagine the frustration of that um basically what I was saying is it does seem as if this guy does like you but what you want to make sure to do is to allow him the opportunity to pursue you so please continue to do what you're doing being yourself being nice being friendly if he is indeed interested which again I think he could be, then allow him to ask for your phone number or to even ask you out you said that you've been hurt in the past so you definitely want to take things slow and allow yourself to get to know him.

I personally do not mix business with pleasure and do not date men that I work with but I have seen others who had  successful outcomes so good luck to you and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to send me a follow up.

Keep me posted.


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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