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How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/A once in a lifetime opportunity with a guy, do I not loose hope yet?


Hey Latoya, I tried to do a follow up but wouldn't work, probably because I've bombarded you with questions, which I apologize for, but you have been very helpful and I thank you for your time. But I thought id let you know how the date went :)

It was probably one of the best dates I ever had. He truly was a gentleman, treated me to breakfast, lunch and even took me to
many attractions around the area.

We ended up having so much in common too which was nice, so we always had lots to talk about. He was always finding excuses to touch me all day, like if i made him laugh, it be like
"haha, oh you!" and touch my hand or arm kinda thing. We even ended up holding hands a few times. I really felt like he was almost trying too hard impress me? But in a good way? He did try the whole "lets get a dvd and watch it" on me but I said "You want me to g to your place already on a first date?" And I think he felt a bit embarrassed and quickly changed the subject lol.

But then I started to realize how much he actually did like me, it was almost like he was a fan of me, rather than the other way round. Because I told him how it was sort of a fantasy meeting him from being only use to films, and he said "yea i can see that with you, I mean since you said hi to me from day one, I always thought  you were gorgeous, and always wanted to meet you, and yes I will admit I have been stalking your facebook quite a lot to see what your up to, im not going to deny that".

He was often asking about men I dated, if I ever wanted kids, marriage and wanted to know if there was "any lucky man" I'm dating now and best of all he is single too!

Towards the end, we ended up being in a pub opposite his apartment, which is 3 mins walk from the busstop, and he was saying "lets go to mine just for an hour till your bus comes" I told him i didnt think it was a good idea, and that I didnt know him and he was saying "I know, I understand what you mean but I dont know you either, so im taking a risk bringing you into my place. You have to trust me nothing like that will happen." So in the end I did go, but I was super wary of him. And I know why he wanted me to go there, so he could kiss me. Because eventually we was just chatting on the sofa and he just looked at me said "I've been wanting to kiss you for a long time" and just went for it.

So after several make out sessions we went to the bus stop and he told me it be nice to see each other again, either I came again or he came to me. But I'm so scared I wont hear from him again. He's the kinda guy that can have any woman he wants, but I think he thinks the same of me as well, and because of his work it might be a while till i do hear or see from again. What would you suggest I do? Let him do the chasing, or do I text him. I dont want to get my hopes up and get let down again.

Hello Sarah,

I'm so happy your date was a great one. Kudos for staying strong through the make-out session. LOL!

What do you do now? You can text him or send an email thanking him for an awesome date, afterwards you do nothing - if he truly had a great time he will definitely contact you again and should ask to see you again. When the time comes suggest he come to you this time.

Good luck!

Keep me posted.

PS - the system may only allow a certain amount of follow-ups, but I'm not really certain. :)


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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