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Hi I have a question but first let me explain, I went to an anime convention over the weekend in another state. The first day I was there I walked past a stand a few times and there was a girl that was running it with someone. Each time I pass by she looks at me and smiles. The second day which was the last day of the convention I decided to approach the stand where the girl was and I talked to the guy and her. I introduced myself and got their names, we had a descent conversation, the guy turned out to be the shop owner, the girl I'm not sure if she's his girlfriend or just a friend, but this is what caught my attention. When I went to the stand she didn't break eye contact with me at all, she brushed her hair back, she smiled the whole time I was there and she asked for a picture with me and her because of my cosplay. After that me and the shop owner of the stand exchanged information and later I went to do acouple of things and I see her walked past me one time, she waved and said hi to me. Is it possible that she's interested me and if so should I try to get in contact with her?

Hello D,

My apologies in the delay, I normally respond within a day or two. I had went on vacation status, but somehow your e-mail made it through and I just so happened to check my e-mail and realized I had a message awaiting a reply.

Thank you allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. In my personal opinion I would say she showed interest or she was just being friendly. I would definitely say if there is an opportunity to speak with her then do so to find out if there is a possibility of more, but I'm now sure how this would be possible since you're not sure if she's with the shop owner and it's his information you actually have.

I always say follow your heart, you only live once and it's better to know where you stand vs. wondering and being bogged down with the "what if's". I wish you the best of luck :)


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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