How to Know if He/She Really Likes You/How Do I Proceed? Help?


I am female and have a guy friend we have known each other awhile and talking recently and intimately then I emailed him and told him I rather not talk that way that we should slow it down. (I did this because I really like him and feel he likes me but want his respect) he emails back day later says we can be anything you want to be. Then I didn't message him for few days and got several messages from him then we talked in general and then now then past day or so not talked any we just sent off lines. Anyway how should I proceed from here and be sure to get his respect? We are both in our 40's

Hello CL,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. The good thing is he said he had no problem with slowing down. If you started out on a pace you later did not feel comfortable with it may be a problem to change courses now - NOT saying it shouldn't be done or that he won't respect you now that you've changed your topic of conversation, it may confuse him a bit which may cause him to become withdrawn. Now, first I want to applaud you for recognizing what was happening and immediately trying to change things. You can and ALWAYS should demand your respect no matter how far into a friendship/relationship you are. Start back talking to him just like before, if he brings up topics of intimacy tell him that you apologize for allowing yourself to discuss these topics so early on, but you really would like to get to know him better before allowing yourself to discuss these things. If he has a problem with that then eventually he'll slack off from contacting you. If so, that's okay! He's not the one for you. If he continues to talk to you - Great! He may try you again and bring up the topic again later on down the line, but stick to your guns. There's a saying "The way you start is the way you'll finish!" Start by demanding your respect and men will know earlier on that they can't treat you any kind of way!"

I hope I answered your question, if not please feel free to follow-up!

Good luck!


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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