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"Hi, my name is Aria and Im 16 years old.It's not really a big issue that im bringging up but it kind of messes with my life so I decided to ask you for some advice.I have a crush on this guy from my school,he's the same class with me.It's been six months already since I like him.The problem is him.This is how it all started.Six months ago,he started chatting with me online,I mean FACEBOOK.I was surprised because he never talked to me before and neither did I notice him although we were in the same class for 3 years.We communicated often, through social website and texting.We got really close..I started to grow feelings for him.And we even hung out together,though there were other friends with us.They said we both looked like couples since we were really close and when I rested my head on his shoulder,he didn't mind at all.I thought he had the same feelings for me too.And then suddenly,about two weeks later, he stopped everything.The chatting,texting etc.It was so obvious he's avoiding me.He would'nt even look at me.That happened exactly after we hung out and I rested my head on his shoulder.Later, after one whole month avoiding me(April),he started talking to me again,but not as it was before,plus May was our Mid Term exams so I guess we both put all our focus on that.I was worried about my results,thought they would be affected because of him but I scored very well,top 3 for my badge.He was number 4.I believed the main reason I did well is because of him.He's a smart guy who gets number 1 and I thought maybe if I do better than him, he will notice me.July on my birthday and we hung out again,although still it was never the same as the first time we went out.We started taking to each other but never got to the way we were or supposed to be.Then now in September,it's all back to the way it was, we got really close again.I started to feel that he liked me too, but I guess Im wrong again.The thing here is,this guy is probably confused about what he feels for me.He's maybe not ready for a relationship and it's not because of any ex(he never had).A few weeks ago,he's friend said we look like a couple and he just smiled at me.Then he said 'this age is to study'.That moment I got it.I agree with him.I myself am not ready for any relationship.I wanna focus on my studies and being someone someday but I can see him in my future.Im a girl and I trust my instincts.He either loves me or he did,not that he NEVER loved me.Now he's just confused about his feelings but I don't like him leading me on then leaving me hanging, ignoring me, pretending like Im a pole,invisible.I guess I just like him too much that makes me just to go along with his games.I don't wanna ask or say anything scared of rejection and losing him as a friend but Im almost sure that he knows I like him and he knew that for quite some time,however that didn't make him stop talking to me.Sometimes Im A FRIEND,MORE THAN A FRIEND,OR INVISIBLE to him.My friends notice the way he smiles and treats me ,they say he likes me,he does.I believe them and i trust my instincts but Im just not sure.Next months starts my Final Exam and Im here with this thing bugging me day and night.Why does things have to get so complicated.What should I do ? Play along ? Ask him ? Talk about it with him?? Im not sure,hope you can help me.Thanks alot for your time."

Hello Aria,

It's tough being a girl huh? Especially at your age, I definitely know exactly how you feel.
I too struggled with understanding guys as I was growing up, now that I am a woman I've finally learned a lot about guys, how? By gaining knowledge from other guys. Believe me when I say this Aria, guys are not as complicated as they seem. I will definitely say he likes you, but even at a young age guys play mind games - especially when in their teens. You on the other hand must learn how to control your emotions - very hard for us to do because we are emotional creatures. When I say control your emotion - start acting as if you don't care. Be real nonchalant when he comes by, when he becomes distant then you become more distant. Start focusing more on yourself, your studies and all things that make you happy. Stay busy doing things you enjoy, hang out with your friends, etc... When your mind is idle you will think of him more. Nothing is more attractive to a guy then a girl who appears to be in control of her emotions. By you showing him you could care less, it shows him you're not needy. whenever he becomes distant and you still try to get his attention - he's taking notice of this and guys see it as needy. Neediness is a BIG turn-off for any guy, no matter the age. If you can master:

1. Being in control of your emotions and not letting them control you.

2. Learning how to be more distant when a guy is distant and being less available to him when  
  he is talking to you.

3. Focusing more on yourself and your needs vs. trying to figure out what he's thinking or    

You will be more advanced then a lot of women I know that is my age - 38. Tell yourself - "I'm worth more than what he's giving me." Who has time for the mind games? Let him play those games by himself. Believe me, once you start ignoring him and acting as if you don't care he'll start showing more interest, especially if he likes you. If he goes away all together then see it as a blessing.  Believe me if you master these things mentioned you will be an attractive cookie to these guys. :)

I hope I've answered your question. Please feel free to follow-up whenever needed and keep me posted okay?


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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