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I've been in love with this girl for a few years, and last night I finally told this girl I had feelings for her, It left her speechless, as I was leaving I said I hope to hear she feels some type of way. Up to that moment everything was perfect we had deep conversation, held hands, fed each other food, talked about "Our" future together, and even admitted we dreamt about each other in a sexual way. Today however no text, (which is really unusual) no response nothing. I just want some opinions as to what might be going through her mind, to act like that, where I may have gone wrong, and what maybe should I do, I don't want to see her again with both of us acting like it never happened.

Hello Mike,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to answer your question. Before you told her how you felt had she ever spoken of her feelings for you? I have no way of knowing what is going through her mind, but I can tell you that you haven't done anything wrong. I cannot see a woman speaking of her future with you if she did not feel anything. My suggestion is this - DO NOT pursue her at this point. You've expressed how you feel and at this point the ball is in her court. If she truly cares for you and maybe her nerves is getting the best of her then believe me when I say - SHE WILL contact you. When she finally does don't be so eager to reply. If she texts you take a few hours to text her back. If she calls - allow it to go to voicemail and then call her back later on. What I've learned Mike is when someone gives you distance - meaning won't contact you, avoid you, etc... No matter how much you feel for them you have to give them *more* of what they are giving you.
If she truly does care for you and her actions were not false then I know she will contact you - sometimes us women fantasize in our own minds about being with someone we care about and when he finally expresses feelings a lot of time we panic. We have to take a moment to come to grips with what has just happened (You expressing your feelings#. A lot of times we must discuss things with our closest girlfriends #Yes, we really do this - it's a woman's thing).

I REPEAT... Please do not chase her because you may appear needy/desperate and this is a major turn-off for a woman. You've told her how you feel so please continue to do things you enjoy doing. Try to stay busy - hang out with friends, etc... Do not let your mind become idle because you'll continuously think of her. AGAIN - you've done nothing wrong, you must tell yourself this when you start questioning yourself. If she's the right woman for you then she'll contact you.

Please keep me posted as to how everything turns out. I'm here if/whenever you need me.

Good luck!


How to Know if He/She Really Likes You

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